50 CPAs to Follow on Twitter Today

50 CPAs offer accounting news on Twitter

BY :  Candice Mancini | March 12, 2013

Social media is transforming social etiquette, increasing accessibility and permeating the job sphere, including for certified public accountants. To gain the title of CPA, individuals must earn accounting degrees, pass CPA examinations and, in 46 states, complete 30 additional college credits beyond their accounting degrees (BLS, 2012). The following CPAs' twitter accounts, listed in random order, offer insider information on accounting careers, including industry news, job information and some well-placed humor:

50 CPAs to follow on Twitter

  • Roger Philipp @rogercpa. A San Francisco CPA with the fastest-growing review course in the US, Philipp uses his Twitter account to offer learning tips to over 5,600 followers.

  • Jeff Haywood @jeffhaywoodcpa. Haywood promises to "leap tall IRS issues in a single bound." He runs a CPA Superhero blog and tweets from Texas about taxes, grammar and coffee.

  • Rick Telberg @CPA_Trendlines. Telberg is thought to be the best-known commentator in accounting. Tweeting from E. Hampton, NY, Telberg has a knack for finding engaging tax stories, gaining him 12,000+ followers.

  • Jason M. Blumer @JasonMBlumer. The Chief Innovation Officer of Blumer CPAs, Blumer embraces sound accounting principles and flip flops.

  • Jeff Beckley @thetaxxman. Beckley is managing principal of Beckley CPA. He tweets on tax law, criminals of tax law and runs marathons.

  • Michelle Long @MichelleLongCPA. Her Kansas City company, Long for Success, LLC, specializes in QuickBooks consulting. Long covers topics concerning small business success.

  • B. White @BWhiteCPA. A CPA and SEO enthusiast, White's nearly 40,000 tweets embody a breadth of business and tax news.

  • Robert Raiola @SportsTaxMan. CPA and sports & entertainment group manager of a New Jersey accounting firm, Raiola tweets about all things sports and taxes.

  • William Miranda @TaxMan45. A ukulele-playing CPA from Texas, Miranda loves gadgets and the cloud, topics he regularly tweets about.

  • Michelle Edwards @CPA_mom. Edwards covers tax laws, business issues and the beautiful Colorado landscape out her window. She is not afraid to quote Dr. Seuss.

  • Monica Lawver @TheTaxCPA. A tax manager from Benicia, California, Lawver writes the Confessions of a CPA blog and tweets on her professional adventures.

  • M Darren Root @DarrenRoot. Root is the CPA of RootWorks, an Indiana-based training and consulting company for accounting firms. His tweets provide helpful tips for firms.

  • Diane Kennedy @DianeKennedyCPA. Kennedy's US Tax Aid offers books, webinars and coaching to save people money on taxes. She tweets on tax laws and loan advice.

  • Jody Padar @JodyPadarCPA. Hailing from Arlington Heights, Illinois, Padar is CEO of New Vision CPA Group. Her 9,000+ tweets offer tax and social media tips for her 3,479 followers.

  • Jim Rose @CPAinStL. This St. Louis CPA keeps things positive with his helpful tweets. Those who follow his Twitter account keep abreast of education tax credits and nonprofit tax info.

  • Gabrielle Luoma @GabrielleLuoma. Luoma specializes in business taxation and has won several awards in her Tucson community. Her tax tweets help businesses throughout her town and beyond.

  • ForensicCPA @ForensicCPA. For some accountants, detective work is part of day-to-day operations. ForensicCPA specializes in forensic accounting and tweets about financial crimes, tax controversy and oysters.

  • Shayna Chapman @ShaynaCPA. As managing member of Ohio's Chapman & Burris, Chapman has plenty of serious tax information to share. She also tweets about charitable donations and other good causes.

  • Curtis Erickson @CurtisErickson. Erickson shares eclectic and fun tweets from Seattle. Following him, you can keep up with important tax info and fun facts.

  • Jesse M. Herschbein @HerschbeinCPA. A New Jersey CPA who specializes in professional poker players and the like, he loves to talk about watches and the Devils.

  • Elena Tercero @elenatercero. Practicing from her hometown of Santa Fe, Tercero tweets about her life as a CPA, wife, mother of four and exercise buff.

  • Ryan Kelly @RyanKellyCPA. A 2005 college graduate, Kelly is an Audit Senior at Indiana's Whitinger & Company. He tweets about taxes, TJ Maxx sales and the weather in Hawaii.

  • Laurel Davila @laureldavilacpa. Davilia's Twitter account encompasses her passions: Democratic political activism, feminism, environmentalism, humanitarian issues, marriage equality and civil rights. And taxes.

  • Dustin Wheeler @dustinwCPA. This tech-savvy Vegas CPA appreciates all things technology and taxes, which he loves to tweet about.

  • Michelle Edwards @TrailheadCPA. While Edwards mostly blogs about tax topics, she throws in some fun tweets about days in pj's and balancing work and family life.

  • Joe Arsenault @ArborMoney. Arsenault loves golden Oreos. He tweets about financial planning and his baby girl.

  • Sam Fawaz @TheMoneyGeek. A self-professed technogeek, Fawaz tweets interesting tidbits, such as how home owner's insurance covers spoiled food.

  • Don James @Growthguy2. An Ohio CPA, James shares comprehensive, practical information about money matters. Nearly 7,000 follow his Twitter account.

  • L. Gary Boomer @lgboomer. Working out of Kansas City, Boomer is a consultant to CPAs, accounting firms and IT professionals. He tweets news stories and videos on strategic planning.

  • Jeff Maynes @TheDullCPA. From Utah, Maynes brings his small-town upbringing into his personable tweets. He loves to share fresh editions of CPA Universe, which he edits.

  • Jeff Elliott @another71. A husband and father of five, Elliot tweets about family life and his CPA exam preparation programs, Another71 and Ninja CPA Review.

  • Michael S. Finer @majorlefinercpa. Finer is president of Major League Investments, Inc., providing personal investment services for TV personalities, athletes and affluent families. He tweets relevant and timely tax and money news.

  • Greg Kyte @gregkyte. Kyte's tweets stand out from the rest: As a comedian and CPA, his accounting jokes will make you smile and even laugh out loud.

  • Joyce M Washington @thecommoncents. Washington's Common Cents provides courses, coaching and consulting services. Her Twitter account enjoys a loyal following of accountants, accounting majors and others that make up more than 18,000 tweeters.

  • Dean T.Carson II @DCarsonCPA. A New Yorker with Wall Street experience, Carson provides informative tweets that reflect his vast background in accounting and financial services.

  • Brian Wendroff @wendroffcpa. The managing partner of Wendroff & Associates from Arlington, Virginia and Winter Springs, Florida, Wendroff tweets serious, timely news on taxes and finance.

  • Jim Buffington @jimatintuit. Buffington tweets regularly about accounting, the cloud and inspirational stories. He lives in Plano, Texas and loves technology and QuickBooks.

  • Ron Ledford Jr. @RonLedford_CPA. Ledford is a contract accountant from Nashville. He edits the Chicken Scratch Weekly and tweets about accounting and good reads.

  • Brian F. Tankersley @bftcpa. A nationally-recognized speaker and author, Tankersley tweets insightful technology and financial news.

  • Christina Hansen @YourTaxEdge. A Florida Tax Edge CPA, Hansen tweets about tweeting, her accounting job and fun news stories.

  • Francine McKenna @retheauditors. A CPA and journalist, McKenna writes for Forbes and American Banker's BankThink. With nearly 11,000 followers, her engaging tweets have exceeded 50,000.

  • Ron Wilburn @WilburnCPA. Wilburn is an Oklahoma CPA who owns a Liberty Tax franchise and loves motorcycles. He uses his Twitter account to distribute Liberty Tax discounts and share stories about taxes and motorcycles.

  • Dean Carson @DCarsonCPA_NYC. Dean Carson NYC's Twitter account shares influential tax and financial information and news.

  • Ben Kinsey @AsktheCPA. Kinsey owns the CPA firm, Small Business Group, which helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He shares tweets relevant to entrepreneurs everywhere.

  • Terry Wilson @taxterry. A CPA with expertise in global US income tax and IRS appeals, Wilson covers interesting stories related to taxes, pop culture and New York pizza.

  • Chad Bordeaux @CLT_CPA. Referring to himself as a ninja and tax geek, Bordeaux tweets about taxes, food and Pinterest.

  • Steve Trojan @smtcpa. The owner of an Illinois CPA firm, Trojan specializes in small business accounting matters. His consistently insightful tweets are followed by more than 2,000.

  • Byron Patrick @byron_cpa. Patrick is a self-proclaimed IT geek and loves to tweet about it. He is from Maryland and is devoted to the cloud.

  • Ed Zollars @edzollars. Zollars is a Phoenix CPA who loves to write and tweet about pertinent tax news. He has his own podcast and is a CPE lecturer.

  • Tyson Pruett @WineCPA. Pruett is an Oregon CPA who services wineries. He tweets about taxes, vineyards and wine.

By following these notable certified public accountants, you can keep up with the latest and greatest in the accounting world and enhance your networking opportunities. Use this list to augment who you already follow or as an inspiration to activate a Twitter account. Whether you're a college student with an accounting major or a seasoned CPA, it's always good to stay informed.